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The New Zeland Tonga Business Council (NZTBC) membership base is dominated by businesses actively involved with Tonga.

The booming construction, tourism and agriculture sectors in Tonga are reflected in the types of businesses that are members of the NZTBC.

Members are largely centred in the Auckland region, however, there is a drive for a strong representation from business based in other key cities in New Zealand.

Detailed key contact information (Owner, Director, CEO etc) is held for every member company, and further contact details are collected for other staff within the organisation.


Members and contacts are communicated to through a variety of mediums including emails, direct mail campaigns, e-newsletters and events.

Each year the NZTBC will hold a number of events, which will bring together business professionals with economic interests in Tonga.  NZTBC events are often focused on providing information about the current business environment in Tonga. They also provide a unique opportunity for participants to extend their professional networks. 2011 will see the NZTBC host some very high profile guest speakers including members of both the New Zealand and Tongan Government, other Business Councils across New Zealand and the Pacific and its sister Business Councils located in Tonga. With the World Cup Rugby 2011, the NZTBC will leverage of all trade and business opportunities particularly around the Tonga Rugby games.

Through these various communication tools and public relations initiatives the NZTBC is able to reach New Zealand’s largest network of professionals doing business with Tonga and Tonga’s largest network of professionals through its partnership with the Tonga Chamber of Commerce and Industries and the Tonga New Zealand Business Association based in Tonga.

As a member of the council you will derive value from your membership in many ways.

Why join?

There are a number of good reasons to being a registered member of the New Zealand Tongan Business Council, here are just a handful:

  • Join growing network of trade and Government contacts in Tonga and New Zealand.
  • Establish links with this network, discover new opportunities and receive advice from others who have succeeded in their business with Tonga.
  • Keep abreast of activities in Tonga, including political and trade matters with regular news and feedback from members following visits to Tonga.
  • Leverage off our close relationships with Government on such matters as taxation, investment, customs and quarantine requirements.
  • The opportunity for direct access to influential Tongan political or business representatives visiting New Zealand.
  • The opportunity to network with existing and new market participants and assistance on market issues to enhance competitiveness.
  • Contribute to objective research studies an any matters affecting or concerning Tonga and New Zealand.
  • Encourage and sponsor education with the aim of mutually enhancing experience, education and capabilities.
  • Benefit from the Council’s direct liaison with the Tonga High Commission in New Zealand.
  • Receive help with letters of introduction for businesses seeking appointments with Government Ministers and Heads of Departments in TongaThe New Zealand Tonga Business Council is proud to partner with the Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. For information please go to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce Website

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